Be Wiser


Coordination and Support Action.

36 months – 01.07.2013 – 30.06.2016.


Be Wiser aims at responding to the need for fully secure internet systems to balance the requirements  of Citizens, Governments and Enterprises in the networks and systems regarding their on line communications and transactions. It focuses on wireless internet security and on a more effective use of Triple Helix clusters in regional innovation processes.

The partners are willing to share best practice on this issue and to explore new market opportunities.


Goals of Be Wiser:

• Analysis of the regions involved and the sector addressed via triple helix clusters bringing Policy Makers, Researchers and Enterprises together to focus on innovation processes and R&D;

• Development of a Joint Action Plan;

•Identification of further research and market opportunities for regional enterprises, especially SMEs;

• Delivery of tangible outputs that will enhance the competitiveness of the clusters;

• Mentoring for all partner regions on technology, business and clustering themes;

• Development of a sustainable business and resourcing plan based on a better use of EU RTD resources, key policies and programs

• Support for all partners’ regions to make the best use of European, national and local RTD resources, key policies and programs.

The substantive goal is to boost innovation via transnational collaboration, to promote new approaches to business and e-commerce and to improve regional growth and competitiveness.


Be Wiser consortium :

The ICT clusters involved in this project have complementary technical skills and a real experience on R&D challenges.

The regional authorities, policy makers, research entities and local businesses collaborate to develop specific regional R&D and innovation support policies and enhance framework conditions for this ecosystem and broader regional economic development strategies.







Be Wiser