Our mission

"Electronics and software have spurred a spreading and growing revolution: the digital revolution. Those technologies, which grew out of research for defence and aeronautics needs in the 1950s-1970s, have not only transformed telecommunications, television and games; they have also spawned the digital economy. Today, the digital revolution is branching out into other areas, including health, security and the automotive industry. Tomorrow, the smart home will give engineers increasingly powerful design and simulation tools enabling them to create ever-more advanced products and systems.

Digital technology is spearheading France’s economic growth. The Systematic Cluster’s members are in the heart of this revolution either as researchers and developers or as application users in the fields of automotive, defence, telecommunications and design tools.

Systematic seeks to boost the economy and employment through innovation, training and partnerships. The researchers, industries, training organisations and local governments involved with the Cluster have three priorities:
  • consolidate the major integrators’ leadership in order to secure the sustainability of their R&D activities in the Paris Region
  • foster the emergence of start-ups and the growth of technological SMEs with global ambitions
  • strengthen the Paris Region’s attractiveness by developing its image on an international scale in order to attract new global companies’ R&D departments
The Systematic Cluster boasts a unique concentration of technology players in Europe and an outstanding international reputation focused on booming markets. It is already a breeding ground for breakthroughs. Through Systematic, France has a world leader at the heart of the digital revolution.


In 2010, 500 SMEs have benefited from this program of actions and more than 950 actions were conducted to support SMEs' business operating in the optics, electronics and software sectors. The aim is to create optimal conditions for the development of innovative international SMEs. Systematic also ensures the improvement of attractivity and visibility of Paris region by structuring relationships and partnerships with national clusters and other ICT European clusters.

For the coming years, Systematic is not only committed to developing new R&D projects but also increase productivity and create new businesses within our cluster and, in parallel, with other countries.
As such, I am confident that you, Systematic partners, the Open Innovation actors, will take an active part in these new challenges!”



Jean-Luc Beylat
President of the Systematic Cluster