European Partners

Partnerships with european clusters





Systematic partner in INTERREG-funded project SIGNATURE

SIGNATURE brings together clusters and businesses within networks of world class excellence: Security of Information Systems, Critical Infrastructure, and Citizens.



SafeTRANS german Cluster specialized on embedded security systems in transport and Systematic with Aerospace Valley (AESE) have developed a strategic partnership within the framework of EICOSE (European Institute for Complex Safety Critical Systems Engineering).) The first ARTEMIS Innovation Cluster on Transportation



Point-One, a partnership with the Dutch cluster focusing on embedded systems and micro-nano technologies.




Systematic has signed a Letter of Intent with the Bavarian cluster "Bavarian Information and Communication Technology Cluster” (BICC-Net: embedded systems for automotive & telecoms sectors) on 3 April 2008 in Munich on the occasion of the Forum on Innovation and Competitiveness organized by the Land of Bavaria and the Consulate General of France.











Signature MOU with J-L. Beylat VP International Systematic (left)
and P. Simkens Director DSP Valley (right)