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Third International Conference on Multidisciplinary Design Optimization and Applications


Multidisciplinary Design Optimization - MDO - deals with the optimal design of structural elements or systems employed in several engineering fields such as the aerospace industry, where reducing the structural weight is one of the most important tasks. Nowadays, use of Structural Optimization is rapidly growing in automotive, aeronautical, mechanical, civil, nuclear, naval, and off-shore engineering. This is due to the increase of technological competition and the development of strong and efficient techniques for several practical applications. The increase of speed and capacity of computers allows large-scaled structures and systems to be optimized.

The main scientific challenges of MDO are concerned with the development of strong and efficient numerical techniques and with the computational procedures required for the necessary coupling of disciplinary software systems. Also, the applications related to real problems such as parameter identification is very difficult due to the gap that still exists between the industrial requirements and university research. In addition to the above points, the efficiency of the optimal result depends on the efficiency of the simulation and the modelling process. For these reasons, one of the mains objectives of this international conference is to bring together scientists and practitioners working in different areas of engineering optimization.

21-23 June 2010, Paris- France

More informations : http://www.asmdo.com/conference2010/conference/


MDOMultidisciplinary Design Optimization