Health & ICT Initiative

Health & ICT Initiative

A partnership with Cap Digital and Medicen Paris Region clusters



Health has become one of the main concerns of developed societies. This is due to ageing populations, the emergence of new health risks at global level as well as the reform of healthcare systems. In addition, the desire to keep patients at home and to improve the quality of life and care, combined with changes in medical demographics, are key drivers for change.

As a result, it is critical to break new ground in the field of health and medico-social issues by drawing on the opportunities offered by Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). This is the goal of the present initiative in the field of Health & ICT.

There are many industrial and economic challenges associated with the development and deployment of ICT based healthcare solutions. Not only are there issues of competitiveness and how to organize stakeholders, but also challenges linked to safety, acceptability and financing of new e-health services.
In 2009 it became clear to the three Paris Region competitiveness clusters - Cap Digital, Medicen Paris Region and Systematic Paris-Region - that these issues were increasingly mobilizing their communities, and that together they had the skills and technologies to develop and to deploy “e-health“ solutions.
Thus the Health & ICT initiative came into being and was organized into a shared road map. This road map has been steering Paris Region's Health & ICT ecosystem since 2009. It has contributed to the development of local stakeholders and led to the launch of a substantial number of major projects for the sector.



Cap Digital, Medicen Paris Region and Systematic Paris-Region have organised their initiatives and innovation projects into several “Development Axis”:

  • Knowledge management, modeling and simulation
  • Digital imaging
  • Medical devices
  • E-health and telemedicine

Between 2009 and today, 27 R&D projects were funded as the result of the partnership between the three clusters,
including 8 projects from Systematic’s members.

They represent more than €41.2 millions of investments including more than €14.2 millions of public funds.


The Health & ICT initiative consolidates the expertise of the three clusters' ecosystems by first of all bringing together professionals in the field from more than 400 companies and research laboratories.
The initiative also involves the following healthcare-related bodies:

  • The National Reference Centre for Home Healthcare and Independent Living (CNR-Santé)
  • The Paris Region Health Agency
  • The General Council of Industry, Energy and Technology with financial support from:
  • The Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Employment
  • Investissements d’Avenir (“Investing for the Future” government-sponsored programme)
  • Local authorities



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