Smart Energy Management

Smart Energy Management Working Group


Smart energy management relies on the technology components of the information systems, which are in the scope of Systematic.

The working group was launched in 2012, targeting the ICT associated with intelligent networking.

The technologies and services derived from collaborative projects coordinated by this new working group, will allow for an optimal integration of energy production (including Renewable), consumption and storage capacity in the intelligent networks. It covers residential, urban and industrial energy systems.





Energy eco systems are undergoing rapid changes, by having to:

  • maintain grid reliability and stability
  • improve energy efficiency across the value chain
  • integrate intermittent CO2 free energy


The rising cost of energy, the mass electrification of everyday life, climate change , among other key factors, will determine the speed at which such transformations will occur. Roll-out of smart grid technology implies a fundamen­tal re-engineering of the information systems.

Regard­less of how quickly various utilities embrace smart grid concepts, technologies, and systems, they all agree on of this massive transformation. It is a move that will not only affect business processes but also organization and technologies.




Since its launch in February 2012 the Working Group has set up a dedicated ecosystem in order to facilitate synergies between industrial actors - Small & Medium size companies as well as large corporations - and Research Institutes and Universities .

As per today,

  • 4 R&D labeled and financed projects,  via Telecom Working Group and System De­sign &Development tool Working Group.
  • 3 new labeled & financed projects, since working group launch


  • 21 SMEs
  • 15 large companies
  • 6 research institutes and universities


The Smart Energy Management Working Group is posi­tioned on technologies, which are implemented in the Information Systems of the the Smart Grid Systems