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ICC 2017 : Five days to connect the scientific community in Paris

The IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), organized by the IEEE Communications Society, will take place in Paris from 21 May through 25 May  2017.  Presentation of this key event for experts in telecommunications, introduced by the General Chair Jean-Luc Beylat (Nokia) and the Executive Chair Hikmet Sari (Centrale Supélec).



  • What kind of audience do you expect for this French version of IEEE ICC?

Jean-Luc Beylat: We are very lucky to host one of the major conference in telecommunications here in Paris. Every topic in communications will be covered: access issues, Big Data, smart grid, IoT, whether it concerns spatial innovation, cities or industry. Presentations are much demanded by scientists, as they introduce the state of art in numerous topics. The technical programme committee conducts a rigorous review process in order to obtain the highest quality papers for presentation at the conference.

Hikmet Sari: IEEE ICC has grown over the years. At the beginning, a thousand people came during the three days of conference. Today, this number has doubled. We welcome an international audience; more than 70 nationalities will be represented. A large part of the audience is from universities and research centres. IEEE ICC enables to highlight these publications, and puts the emphasis on Research and Development, while other conferences are more customer-oriented. 

  • What are the trends in terms of technology this year?

JLB: At a time where digital transformation is everywhere, it is essential to follow the last trends that will give structure to these innovations dynamics. The conference gives the opportunity to discover the last advances on mobile networks, ICT networks, signal processing and artificial Intelligence in networks, to ensure quality performance. These researchers’ presentations make technological trends more visible. 

HS: We deal with current topics such as 4G, the arrival of 5G, IoT, green networks etc. Themes that are trending now, hot topics. IEEE ICC gathers people specialised in the domain, and aims at covering all areas of telecommunications. The programme includes more than 1400 presentations (research-oriented) and around 20 sessions industry-oriented.

  • What is your motto for this edition 2017?

JLB: « Bridging People, Communities and Cultures » is the motto of IEEE ICC 2017. It means that the conference will offer the opportunity to find technological solutions, which will connect people, enhance cultures and even transform markets.

HS: The conference aim is to enable people to see what is going on. IEEE ICC 2017 creates a link between industrial and academic communities.

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