Smart Energy Management

Smart Energy Management Working Group

Laurent Schmitt, WG President - ALSTOM GRID,

"Smart energy management focuses on the ICT technologies to manage end to end Smart Energy Systems leveraging the scope of expertise as already developed in other domains by Systematic.
The technologies and services developed through the collaborative projects coordinated by this new Working Group, will allow for the optimal integration of distributed energy resources (renewable, consumption and storage) into the smart energy systems. It covers residential, urban and industrial energy systems.
Since its launch in 2012, our Working Group has sheltered the development of several collaborative projects enhancing innvative applications for technology and economical models of the future."



Energy systems are undergoing rapid changes, in 3 critical directions:

  • To maintain grid reliability and stability
  • To improve energy efficiency across the value chain
  • To integrate intermittent CO² free energy

The rising cost of energy, the mass electrification of everyday life and the growing climate change pressure,
increase the urgency of the required technology transformation.
Roll-out of smart grid technology requires fundamental re-engineering of information systems moving to new distributed architectures. Regardless how quickly utilities will be able to embrace the new smart grid concepts, technologies and architecture, a significant industry transformation is required.
It is a move that will not only affect business processes but also organizations and technologies.


The Working Group has set up a dedicated ecosystem to develop new synergies between industrial actors, Small & Medium size companies, large corporations and Research Institutes and Universities. It is also a cofounder of the SmartGrids France alliance of 9 competitivity clusters dedicated to Energy and ICT for Energy networks.


As per today,
• 2 R&D projects were labeled and financed, through Telecom and System Design & Development tool Working Group.
• 3 additional projects (at national and European levels) have been labeled and financed since the WG launch in 2012.

  • Partners: 48 including:

. 23 SMEs
. 1 Enterprise of Intermediate Size
. 16 large companies
. 8 Research institutes and universities

  • Total investment: 6.9M€

The Smart Energy Management Working Group is positioned on Information Systems new architectures and critical technological components to develop Smart Energy Systems.


Yolaine BOURDA

WG Vice-President

Didier MOITY

Representative of Permanent Secretariat