Support SMEs, key players of innovation

An ecosystem based on a strong SMEs-SMIs network

Systematic stands on an ecosystem made of more than 1000 SMEs-SMIs which represent more than 35 000 jobs in the fields covered by the Cluster.

SMEs involved in innovatives projects

The Cluster’s objectives towards SMEs consist in contributing to the emergence of global leaders and consolidating existing SMEs.

To join the Cluster, SMEs have to:

  • Earmark a substantial share of turnover for R&D
  • Show a strong willingness to cooperate
  • Be positioned on the Cluster’s applicative/target markets and technologies


By joining the Cluster, SMEs get :

  • Access to technological and strategic visions
  • Participation in innovative projects
  • Access to the networking (R&D, trade, finance, etc.)
  • Higher profile

Even once a innovative project is launched, the cluster is open to integrate new SMEs: Any SME-SMI can apply for admission in the Systematic Cluster. Each application is submitted to the Cluster’s in-house approval process.


SMEs Success Stories


Systematic's objectives are:

  • To contribute to the emergence of global leaders
  • To consolidate existing SMEs
  • To encourage the creation of start-ups


Our SMEs Champions


An example :  Success story of Spring technologies:

"Systematic is already a success for SMEs: it's a tool which gives us the opportunity to meet R&D managers of well-known large companies and research centers. We really work in a team spirit on innovative projects which are industrially important for these large companies." Gilles Battier, CEO of Spring Technologies.