An international outlook and attractiveness


International Partnerships 

        With Maroc Numeric Cluster


             With Technopôle Elgazala




     In Brasil with CIATEC and CPqD



  In Vietnam with Imagine IT



Accredited as a “World class” cluster  by the French Government, Systematic focuses its development on European and international scene on three priorities:

  • Attract capital and talents to PARIS-REGION 
  • Help laboratories and companies exporting their patents and products
  • Face the challenge of growing global competition from large systems integrators (USA, Europe, Asia), low-cost software development (China, India, North-Africa) and new players in embedded systems (China, India, etc.)

An Exceptional Ecosystem :

  • A high density of industrial and academic world leaders
  • A range of world-leading academic programmes and training
  • One of Europe’s leading regional market in the field of complex systems
  • High performance digital simulation equipments unmatched in Europe
  • A visibility for Cluster’s members through their international research centers in China, USA, India, etc.
  • The international reputation and attractiveness of PARIS-REGION