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Seminar@SystemX avec Dusit Niyato et Luigi Atzori

Dusit Niyato et Luigi Atzori animeront un Seminar@SystemX le 3 mars prochain au LINCS de 10h à 13h.


Luigi Atzori, professeur agrégé au département de génie électrique et électronique de l’Université de Cagliari animera la première partie du séminaire sur le thème « QoE Management for Internet Applications: Technologies and Challenges ».  

Résumé (anglais)

The talk starts by presenting the current approaches for a QoE-aware service management in the Internet, i.e., application oriented or network management, which are mostly characterized by the tools available by the stakeholders implementing the process and also by their own interests. Then, the current limits and issues of these approaches are highlighted, together with the current directions of development in the field. These are mostly characterized by a strong evolution towards the virtualization of the services through the introduction of the SDN and NFV paradigms. These allow for a more flexible management of the services with a better control of the QoE and for a potential stronger cooperation among the different actors involved in the service provisioning chain.


Dusit Niyato, professeur à l’école d’informatique et d’ingénierie de l’Université Technologique de Nanyang à Singapour, animera la seconde partie de séminaire sur le thème « Joint Cyber Insurance and Security-as-a-Service Provisioning in Cloud Computing »

Résumé (anglais)

As computing services are increasingly cloud-based, corporations are investing in cloud-based security measures. The Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) paradigm allows customers to outsource security to the cloud, through the payment of a subscription fee. However, no security system is bulletproof, and even one successful attack can result in the loss of data and revenue worth millions of dollars. To guard against this eventuality, customers may also purchase cyber insurance to receive recompense in the case of loss. To achieve cost effectiveness, it is necessary to balance provisioning of security and insurance, even when future costs and risks are uncertain. This presentation introduces a stochastic optimization model to optimally provision security and insurance services in the cloud. Since the model is a mixed integer problem, we also introduce a partial Lagrange multiplier algorithm that takes advantage of the total unimodularity property to find the solution in polynomial time. We show the effectiveness of these techniques using numerical results based on real attack data to demonstrate a realistic testing environment, and find that security and insurance are interdependent.


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