An in-depth look at a few truly innovative products to look out for!

Published on 30 September 2016

2 products awarded by Systematic paris Region for the quality and strong industrial potential of their innovation: Soleka (Reuniwatt) and MeshGems (Distene)
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Palaiseau (91 – France), 23. September 2016 – In accordance with its strategic plan, Systematic Paris-Region is truly fulfilling its role as a factory for creating new products. Over 160 products have originated from its collaborative R&D projects. During its Annual Convention, 2 products from a selection of 10 innovations originating from the cluster’s projects have been rewarded by an independent high quality jury1, in light of the significance of their innovation and the benefits they bring to the market.

Soleka and MeshGems, the 2 products rewarded at Systematic’s Annual Convention

The Reuniwatt company unanimously received the Jury Award for Soleka, its SaaS solution: a solar power forecasting tool easing the introduction of renewable energies in the energy mix.

Power supply managers must be able to ensure that the supply and demand for electricity are equal at all times. However, solar power is an intermittent energy that cannot be stored, which can jeopardise the network’s equilibrium. Thanks to Soleka, solar farm and smart grid operators have the key data they need in order to make decisions regarding solar energy supply levels.

The Ecosystem Prize2 was awarded to Distene and its MeshGems Suite of Meshing Software Components. The MeshGems technologies aim to optimize the link between CAD and the simulation-based design in Industry. Integrated into more than 60 CAD/CAE software vendors such as ANSYS, Autodesk, CST, Dassault Systèmes, LSTC, MSC Software, Siemens PLM, and many others, MeshGems has established itself as the market leader in the world: in fact, most of the CAE engineers in industry certainly already used this technology without even knowing it.

Among the products shortlisted by the cluster for participation in these awards:

  • Asterios (Krono-Safe) : an automated integration solution for real-time applications
  • BlueHomeCare (Bluelina): a range of innovative services designed for dependent people
  • Calliope LTE Platform (Sequans) : an LTE communication platform for Internet-connected objects
  • ISAP (Egidium Technologies) : a monitoring and real-time decision support platform for the protection of critical infrastructures
  • LYNX (Evitech): a crowd situation analysis solution for threat detection and for the monitoring of sensitive sites.

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