PyParis 2017 : the meeting place for Python communities

Published on 19 May 2017

The first edition of PyParis, organised by Systematic Paris-Region, will be held on 12 & 13 June at Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci in Paris, France. This event is a real opportunity for developers, users and students : Stefane Fermigier, president of


  • Why creating a new event?

Systematic has organised PyData Paris conference for two years, an event dedicated to data analysis using Python language and the ecosystem of free and open source software libraries, which makes it one of the key languages in this domain.

Regarding the success of the previous editions, we have decided to expand the scope of themes in order to address every domain where Python succeeds: data analysis, still (including aggregation, transformation, statistic analysis, big data, machine learning etc.) but also industry applications, web, cloud, IoT…

  • What can attendees expect from this event ?

First, PyParis is the rallying point of Python community: from Paris, France and other countries, with many speakers and attendees coming from abroad. Beyond the quality of talks (around 50 talks over 2 days), tutorials and keynotes, what really attract people are the breaks between the different activities, or the social events which allow attendees to meet new people and to create new collaborations.

  • How does this event follow the continuity of the Open Source Innovation Spring ?

Launched two years ago, the Open Source Innovation Spring (OSIS) was created by the Free and Open Source Software working group of Systematic, and aims at gathering the academic and the industrial world on the innovation topic. This duality can be found in the program committee (50% researchers/50 % industrial), and also in the conferences.

Finally, an entire day will be dedicated to the place of Python in education. We will reflect on the utilization of Python within school education thanks to users’ feedback, and evoke also MOOC and learning “coding” outside traditional paths.

Discover the program and register on the dedicated website