Systematic boosts its presence and activities in China

Published on 6 October 2016

The Systematic digital competitiveness cluster is opening an office on the campus of the Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (BICI) in Beijing and launching an investment fund in Hangzhou together with the Zhejiang Equity Exchange. Both operations serve a single goal: creating Franco-Chinese support and co-development platforms to help French startups, SMEs and ISEs develop their innovations on an industrial scale and rapidly address the global market.
Fadwa Sube China

Palaiseau, France, 5 October 2016 – Following the signature of a Memo of Understanding on 8 June between Systematic Paris-Region and the Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (BICI), the Paris Region competitiveness cluster will open an office on BICI’s Beijing campus on September 26. The office will provide the cluster’s members with support directly from China for their expansion and development projects, notably by forging close ties with BICI’s R&D, business acceleration and technology commercialization teams.

Systematic has undertaken partnerships with the BICI since 2015. These two ecosystems share common principles: promoting collaborative innovation, supporting entrepreneurial spirit and developing innovation leaders. This operation will foster the emergence of cutting-edge innovations and their transition to industrial scale.

The inauguration of the Beijing office has provided the occasion for Systematic Paris-Region and Optiva Darna to initiate sales and investment negotiations for seven of Systematic’s members with CETC, a large Chinese industrial firm, Capital Fortune, for the investment component and CFLD, a major player in the development of new industrial cities in China.

To further support the growth of French Systematic members in China, an investment fund will also be launched in Hangzhou on September 23. The OdZeiTi (Optiva Darna Zhejiang Europe Technology Innovation Institute, Investment Management Co., Ltd.) will fund projects led by actors from the two ecosystems, addressing forward-looking themes such as the smart city, transportation of tomorrow, energy efficiency and the factory of the future. This will enable the development of innovative French technology companies in the Chinese market.

“Today, China must meet the crucial challenges of the energy transition, industrial transformation, urbanism and the conversion of its domestic market toward an economy with more innovations, services and international collaborations. This opens up tremendous opportunities for French players who are addressing these same challenges and global development issues. Systematic’s activities in this market, combined with the creation of this new investment fund, will help to support and commercialize the export of French innovations that are keys to the development of Chinese megacities, and to promote the expansion of our startups in China,” said Fadwa Sube, Systematic Executive Board Member with responsibility for International issues, President of Optiva Darna and co-fonder of OdZeiTi.

The next meeting will take place 31 October during the Franco-Chinese summit, which will be held in the presence of Chinese government authorities. It will offer innovative French SMEs a fresh opportunity to sign contracts and procure investments from French and Chinese investment funds, as well as international industrial players.

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