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Adhésion au groupe TIC & Santé

Cette adhésion donne accès à l'ensemble des services proposés par le Pôle sur le volet Innovation et R&D et sur le volet Développement des PME.


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With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, deep learning and robotics, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are playing an increasingly important role in fields ranging from genomic medicine to well-being, enabling major advances in medical research, disease treatment, tele-health, medico-social services and information systems, while guaranteeing data security. The inter-cluster ICT & Health initiative is contributing to these improvements by federating and mobilizing the innovative capacities and dynamism of their respective ecosystems.

Jacques GUICHARD (Orange Labs)
President of the ICT & Health Thematic Group
Total cost 106 K€
Number of projects 27

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