Roadmap du GT SI

Le GT SI du Pôle Systematic vient de publier sa roadmap. Cette feuille de route décrit de façon schématique ce que peut être un système d'information ainsi que les axes d'innovation à privilégier en matière de R&D et d'innovation.



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A word from the President

Information systems constantly demand new approaches, driven by innovation and R&D. Modern computerization is the dynamic encounter between new technical possibilities and latent needs. This convergence takes concrete form in new uses, new processes and new markets. The digital transformation condenses all spaces – within the company, between the company and its partners – and places the customer at the center of attention by modifying the balance of power between supply and demand in favor of the customer. It is a wide-open field, invigorated by creativity, nourished by research, materialized by evolutionary tools that give rise to new practices and new markets. If the digital transformation is radically altering today's enterprises, it is not only a question of technology: it is, above all, a change in culture.

€50 B in 2015

Jean-Pierre CORNIOU (Sia Parteners)
President of the Information Systems Thematic Group
IS market 50 €B in 2015
Number of members 60

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