Since 2020, the evolution of the fixed optical network needed to match and enhance the benefits that 5G has brought to mobile networks and communications. The aim is to deliver improvements based on previous solutions and the new features of F6G compared to the ongoing generation F5G.

The F5G today offers fibre connection, improved fixed broadband and guarantees a reliable experience on the fixed network: long haul and access.

The implementation and research of broadband networks on a global scale is still uneven. The purpose of this webinar is to encourage discussion and research and technological cooperation on the promising subject of F6G, which has received limited spotlight until now.


We will review the use cases and user needs where F6G can make a significant contribution, as well as the challenges it may face.

We will also review the key enabling technologies and scientific challenges for F6G (active – passive components & devices).


  • Vision: Fixed network evolution towards F6G
  • F6G for access network : the future 50G PON
  • F6G Use case and requirements from non telecom users
  • F6G imposes challenges and requirements to network solutions
  • Key enabling technologies for F6G-network and system
  • Key enabling technologies- active components and devices
  • Key enabling technologies- passive components and devices
  • Actions to move forward and get ready for F6G