FoodPackLab 2 organises a Free Webinar gathering Food Tech Start-up and SMES from all arround Europe.

12 Deep Tech companies will share with us their expertise and dedicated innovative solutions. They cover a huge technology overview.

10:00-10:10: Welcoming introduction, by FoodPackLab 2 : Gawel Walczak

10:10-12:10: 12 SMEs presentations + Q&A sessions


10:10-10:20: Matthieu Hug | TILKAL
Blockchain, Data Intelligence, traceability and transparency.

10:20-10:30: Laurent Wouters | Cénotélie
Agricolio offers farmers a dedicated solution allowing the traceability of farming practices

10:30-10:40: Piet De Vriendt | Kezzler
Serialization, a powerful tool towards food safety

10:40-10:50: Arnaud Muller | NEMIS
Innovative Solution for Food Safety – NEMIS Technology : Take back control in fight against the invisible enemy

10:50-11:00: Ivan Nieto | Nulab

11:00-11:10: Roman Llagostera Pujol | Troposferica

11:10-11:20: Paolo Tondello | FT Sysrtem S.r.l
Hyperspectral imaging, gas spectroscopy for inline quality control and traceability for food safety

11:20-11:30: Samuel Poulain | Le verre Fluoré
Photonics solutions for food storage monitoring

11:30:11:40: Alessio Adamiano | Recover Ingredients
Smart and sustainable phosphorous fertilizers from circular economy

11:40-11:50: Francesc Gilbert & Oscar Marés | Aranow
The newest machinery for the food and security sector

11:50-12:00: Lluis Riba | CartService
Solutions of security and sustanable Packaging

12:00-12:10: Pol Barceló | TAI Smart Factory

End of session