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Mobile World Congress 2019

Systematic Paris-Region, pôle européen des Deep Tech, accompagne en 2019 six de ses membres sur le Pavillon French Tech (Hall 5) au Mobile World Congress. Le Pôle rassemble et anime un écosystème d’excellence de 900 membres, dédié aux Deep Tech (Open Source, Digital Trust, Digital Infrastructure and IoT, Digital Engineering, Data Science & AI, Photonics). Systematic adresse 3 grands enjeux économiques et sociétaux : la transformation numérique des territoires, de l’industrie et des services ainsi que de la société. Le Pôle accélère les projets numériques par l’innovation collaborative, le développement des PME, la mise en relation et le sourcing business. Le Pôle a également pour mission, de promouvoir ses acteurs, son territoire francilien, ses projets d’innovation et ceci dans le but d’accroître sa notoriété et développer l’attractivité du territoire.


Mobile World Congress 2019 :
Soirée Networking

Le Pôle Systematic Paris-Region, Business France, la Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Paris Ile de France et le réseau Enterprise Europe Network ont le plaisir d’organiser dans le cadre du MWC 2019 une soirée de networking !

Mardi 27 février 2019 à partir de 20h30
à la terrasse de l’hôtel Granados 83

Le coût de la soirée est de 50 €TTC inscription obligatoire.


Le Mobile World Congress

Créé en 2005, le Mobile World Congress (MWC) est aujourd’hui le salon professionnel de référence de l’industrie mobile où seront présents les principaux acteurs du secteur : industriels, opérateurs de téléphonie mobile, vendeurs et fabricants de terminaux, producteurs de contenus, etc. Cet évènement de dimension internationale bénéficie d’une couverture média

tique exceptionnelle.


Découvrez les exposants du Pavillon French Tech #MWC19 !


Braincities builds an AI endowed with judgement & empathy capabilities to augment decision-makers faculties. This AI is fueled by a distributed data-analytics infrastructure ensuring data reliability and private data protection. Contact us to find out how we are helping Porsche overcome the HR challenges stemming from automotive industry robotization.

The DataWallet is the central computation and storage unit at the heart of our infrastructure. It stores and secures critical individuals data captured and processed by our data refinery to then nurture our AI. We endow each unit we analyze (a human, a team, a market) with a universal personal DataWallet. Our goal is to embed this DW in Smartphones to serve as a data vault in order to secure and give back ownership and control of their data to each individual.
This Datawallet is the hinge between our data analytics infrastructure and our AI.


Site web : www.braincities.co


COMSIS – Stand 5B41-22

Founded and led by CEO Philippe Leclair in 1995, Comsis has developed a unique set of competencies in Wifi including breakthrough solutions that address the challenges of Wi-Fi evolution and 5G convergence. Comsis has been specialised in the development of Wifi IPs and Patents since its inception. Comsis Wi-Fi technology has proven commercial applications in indoor and outdoor environments. These include secure IoT, factory 4.0, coverage of long range dead-zones, highly secure networks with very high quality of service protocols and low power consumption of its IPs architecture. Given the range of applications and the massive increase in connected devices projected over the coming years , the total addressable market for Comsis IPs and know-how is significant.

Comsis will exhibit its new product: IoT HaLow IP based on an IEEE Wi-Fi standard. Dedicated to logistics, video, factory 4.0, robotics, this IP is adopted in USA and far east because it is First secured IoT standard, Seamless deployment in factory 4.0, Best ratio capex/opex vs others IoT standards. An hardware agnostic implementation of the IP on dev board SoC will be illustrated.


Site web : www.comsis.fr


KAPPTIVATE Stand 5B41-26

kapptivate goals are to help organizations of any size to develop and deploy amazing quality software. kapptivate founders are experienced developers and telecom engineers with a strong expertise in the telecommunication and mobile banking industries. In 2016, kapptivate released its kapptivate monitoring platform and added full support for Cellular testing, API testing and smartphone application testing.


Site web : www.kapptivate.com


IP-LABEL – Stand 5B41-23

Since 2001, ip-label has been helping its customers achieve their business targets and improve their end-user experience by delivering solutions that measure the quality of experience of all digital services (web, business applications, mobile apps, voice, VoLTE, etc.).
Our unique range of products captures human experience by combining synthetic monitoring (robots for 24/7 testing) and web real-user monitoring (HTML/AMP).

Our Application Performance Management offer provides an exhaustive view of application performance thanks to synthetic monitoring (Robots 24/7) and real-user monitoring (100% of users). A complementary troubleshooting solution offers full visibility into the code and the application’s internal operation for all devices, including interaction with third party components. Our Mobile APM solution is designed to monitor mobile application performance for iOS and Android applications.


Site web : www.ip-label.fr


NEXEDI -Stand 5B41-25

Nexedi is the largest publisher of Free Software in Europe with 15 million lines of original source code. Nexedi’s enterprise software portfolio covers business applications (ERP5), edge cloud computing (SlapOS), big data (Wendelin) or software defined resilient networking (re6st) among others. With presence in Europe, Asia and the Americas, Nexedi adresses a range of industries including aerospace, automotive, telecommunications and government sectors. Nexedi Free Software solutions eliminate licencing costs and provides full freedom to customise systems without vendor lock-in. Nexedi provides 24/7 support to corporations and governments wishing to migrate applications to Free Software.

SlapOS NMS is the first converged Network Management System (NMS) for 4G/5G radio networks entirely licensed as Free Software and compatible with Open Hardware that can power a full features commercial network. Joined provisioning of both Software Defined Radio (Amarisoft, SRS) and Edge Computing services (CDN, IoT buffering, A.I.) enables ultra-reliable low latency connectivity (URLLC) for Industry 4.0 applications and automotive. Built-in billing meets scalability requirements of a telecommunication operators.
SlapOS Edgebox (EdgeBox) extends corporate networks with plug-and-play Edge Computing services without writing off existing infrastructure. It delivers essential edge services: content delivery network (CDN), IoT buffering (ex. MQTT, fluentd, syslog, kafka) and custom applications. It enhances Wide Area Networking (WAN) with low latency routing, IPv6 everywhere and resilient connectivity that survives failures of telecommunication operators. It is based on OLinuXino Open Hardware and SlapOS Free Software.


Site web : www.nexedi.com


UBBLE – Stand 5B41-24

Ubble.ai is revolutionizing the online identity verification landscape with video streaming and artificial intelligence.
Asking users to provide an image of their ID is already a common step of many customer onboardings. More and more, it will be requested to sign up for services online, as identity fraud is growing. But, analyzing one image of an ID will never be sufficient to bring both security and convenience in your identity verification process. Ubble analyzes hundreds of images, thanks to video streaming. Our service is very easy to use, and truly secured. Come visit our booth to see a demo !


Site web : www.ubble.ai


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