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Co-organized by Systematic Paris-Region, Vitagora and the partners of the European project FoodPackLab.

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A 100% tech and 100% food event

TECH4FOOD, a leading event dedicated to the digital transformation of the agriculture and agri-food sector.

TECH4FOOD will bring together the actors of our ecosystems, industrial, academic and institutional, around an ambitious program on Deep Tech for Food, Agri-food and Agritech.



8h30 – 8h45 Welcome Coffee

8h45 – 9h00 General Introduction – Paris Region

9h00 – 9h15 Welcome speech


9h15 – 14h00 Presentation of the themes, challenges and technological perspectives

9h15 – 10h30 Precision Farming

9h15 – 9h40
Introduction: Photonics, an enabler for precision agriculture
Jacques Cochard, Tematys

9h40 – 9h55
Adapting sunlight spectrum to enhance protected crops

Frederic Peilleron, Cascade

9h55 – 10h10
Seeing beyond the visible: broadband imaging for crop analytics

Antonios Oikonomou , IFCO

10h10 – 10h25
Vertical farming : a solution for sustainable food supply in the cities
Gérard Farache, Tower Farm

10h25 – 10h30
Challenge presentation “The challenges for urban farming”
Proposed by Tower Farm


— 10h30 – 11h00 Coffee Break —

11h00 – 12h30 Traceability, Safety & Quality

11h00 – 11H15
Field to Fork- communicating to the consumer
James Livingston Wallace, Quinola Mothergrain

11h15 – 11h30
BlockChain and IA for Food
Jean-Michel Thomas, Connecting Food

11h30 – 11h45
How would Blockchain improve grain supply chain from farm to fork ?
Philippe Lehrmann, Ositrade

11h45 – 12h00
Photonics reinforced by Artificial Intelligence for real-time and specific controls
Anthony Boulanger, GreenTropism

12h00 – 12h15
Challenges of end-to-end traceability : a perspective on how to combine existing and emerging digital technologies
Matthieu Hug, Tilkal

12h15 – 12h30
Solutions based on NIR spectroscopy for dairy industry


— 12h30 – 14h00 Lunch break —


14h00 – 17h00 Packaging and FoodPackLab Challenges session*

14h00 – 14h45 Packaging & Product data

14h00 – 14h15

Thierry Danois, GOOD MIX

14h15 – 14h30
A new material 100% edible and compostable to replace single-use plastic
Manuel Milliery, Qwarzo

14h30 – 14h45
TIPA Compostable Packaging : what if your flexible packaging could break down just like organic waste ?
Jean-Pierre Rakoutz, TIPA

14h-45 – 14h50
Challenge presentation : “Recyclability – greenwashing Vs reduced carbon footprints”
Proposed by Quinola Mothergrain


14h50 – 15h35 European projects testimonials

14h50 – 15h05
European Project C-Voucher presentation

Romain Turminel, Systematic Paris-Region

15h05- 15h20
European Project C-Voucher Testimonial

Benjamin Peri, Pyxo

15h20 – 15h35
The FoodPackLab Project

Sabine Runge, Secpho


15h45 – 17h15 FoodPackLab Challenges session : Detailed presentation, questions/answers, suggestions for appropriate technologies and solutions, search for partners,… These challenges aim to find start-ups and SMEs capable of responding to the proposed technological problem, as well as to create the necessary partnerships.

Challenge “The challenges for urban farming” (proposed by Tower Farm)

– Challenge Packaging & Product data : “Recyclability – greenwashing Vs reduced carbon footprints” (proposed by Quinola Mothergrain)



*Please note that the afternoon sessions from 14h00 on are related to the FoodPackLab Project. The access to these sessions is open for everybody and will be free of charge.

FoodPackLab project

FoodPackLab is funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme (2014-2020). It promotes the collaboration between food processing, packaging and photonics innovation clusters in the EU in order to identify and develop solutions to problems arising during the food processing and packaging stage that limit the food shelf life before being thrown out. FoodPackLab actions will result in the improvement of life quality and safety of EU citizens’ as well as affect positively the EU economy by saving its resources and stimulating the employment generation, aiming to gain a leading role in the food packaging and safety sector worldwide.


C-Voucher project

C-Voucher is the first project to support circular economy for SMEs at the European scale. It is funded under the Horizon 2020 Programme.

Its objective: Mobilize design and technological support for SMEs developing circular value chains.

Its ambition: Development of new economic, competitive, disruptive and innovative models in five areas : Agri-food, Health, Manufacturing, Maritime Industry and Textile.