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Water Market Europe 2019

Water Market Europe 2019 will take place this year in Brussels on 20 (main event) and 21 (dedicated to the WssTP Working group meetings) March 2019. Water Market Europe is the annual marketing event organised by WssTP that aims at supporting the matchmaking between "(water) problem owners" and "solution providers".

Water Market Europe will focus on the Food&Beverage sector for this edition of year 2019. The Food&Beverage sector needs, in terms of solutions, almost the totality of most innovating water technologies, covers the full water cycle, has a high impact on climate challenges, and is a very, very thirsty business.

Water Market Europe 2019 will host:

  • Leading Food & Beverage companies
  • Water Large systems integrators
  • Innovating SMEs and other solution providers companies/RTOs
  • Water Utilities
  • Investors and market experts
  • EU institutions/agencies

Water Market Europe 2019 draft agenda is as follows:

  1. Opening
  2. EFSA presentation (TBC);
  3. The Market Scenario: presentation of the Water Market trends for the Food&Drink sector;
  4. Investing Perspectives and Opportunities: presentations by investors and market experts;
  5. MarketPlace: presentations by the Food & Beverage companies looking for innovative solutions to water-related challenges;
  6. Market Place: presentations by the Water large system integrators;
  7. Scheduled B2B meetings between the Food & Drink companies, system integrators, solution providers, and between all the participants and the investors.

Having said the above, the industrial sector – including the Food&Beverage, requires increasingly innovations in the digital area and water is a critical factor in the food processing industry, from many viewpoints.

Solutions providers will have the opportunity to meet directly, in the B2B session, the problem owners, the system integrators and the investors.