[Actu Partenaire] Kalray, membre du Pôle Systematic, annonce la mise en production du chip MPPA-256, résultat de plus de trois ans d’efforts de R&D

Kalray Announces 1st samples of MPPA-256 processor in 28nm

(Orsay, Paris, France) September 10, 2012 Kalray SA, today announced the availability of first samples of the 28 nanometer (nm) MPPA-256 processor targeting embedded applications among them Imaging and signal processing. This resulted from the 28nM development and production partnership established with GUC and TSMC. First products to be ramped in volume will be processors for signal processing in an imaging application. Product qualification is scheduled for completion in Nov 2012.

Created in 2008, Kalray is a fabless semiconductor and software company which develops, markets & sells a new generation of manycore processors for Imaging, Telecommunication infrastructures, Data Security & Network Appliances embedded applications.
Kalray’s technology is called MPPA® for Multi-Purpose Processor Array and has solved the major two challenges of multi-core processing: the energy efficiency as well as the software scalability.


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