Mobile World Congress 2019 : our members pitch !

Publié le 8 février 2019

Come to discover all their innovative products !
Tuesday, February 26th
From 3PM to 4PM
French Tech – Hall 5 


BRAINCITIES – Booth 5B41-21 

Website :  – @BRAINCITIES

Individual fulfillment goes with data privacy

Braincities Lab “Provides individualized AI-based services

Braincities solves big data and decision-making challenges for companies and cities. Our mission is to help these organizations/institutions control, master and value their exponential flows of data in order to optimize their growth and resource allocation strategies.
Our solution combines a decentralized data-analytics infrastructure to collect and prestructure data from heterogeneous sources, whilst supporting and nurturing our Human supportive AI, endowed with judging and empathy capabilities. This unique architecture allows us to extract patterns from individuals, groups, markets or industries to predict trends and behaviours.


COMSIS – Booth 5B41-22 

Website :  – @comsis 

IoT and WiFi/5G convergence.
As a pioneer in selling IPs in wireless networks for the industrial sector, Comsis presents its latest innovations for the IoT and 5G / WiFi convergence market.
The IPs around the IEEE 802.11ah and 802.11ax standards are expected to standardize markets such as Factory 4.0, Robotics, Automotive, …, SmartCity, 5G / WiFi convergence (Offloading), and Home boxes.
WiFi Consumption management, improvement of security, quality of service, optimization of the frequency spectrum, great choice of data rates, MIMO, network scalability for subscribers and coverage extension via mesh, make 5G/WiFi convergence comes true.

You have projects and a roadmap around these technologies. Let’s talk about it !


KAPPTIVATE – Booth 5B41-26 

Website :  –  @kapptivate 

Deliver high quality, high availability services to your customers!

kapptivate provides simple and powerful solutions to test and monitor your most critical services. From USSD, SMS to latest iOS and Android applications, kapptivate gives you a deep understanding on how your services are working. You will be alerted on any downtime!

kapptivate is your best choice:
– to validate your services,
– to validate your commercial offers,
– to monitor your Quality of Service and Quality of Experience.

Take a remote access to a smartphone anytime, anywhere in the world to test your application in real conditions.

Are you ready to deliver services with 100% user satisfaction?


IP-LABEL – Booth 5B41-23 

Website :  – @iplabel 

Monitoring mobile app performance round the clock & from the cloud

Test the availability of your mobile apps in a controlled context 24/7. Synthetic Monitoring is performed by navigating on Apple (iPhone) or Android devices emulating user behavior on a critical journey: opening the application, logging on with keyboard input, search actions, browsing, swipe navigation (down, right, left), etc. Mobile application KPIs are returned for each action, in addition to a screen and video capture whenever an error occurs, and an alert is generated if an incident occurs.

Mobile End-user monitoring


NEXEDI – Booth 5B41-25 

Website :  –  @nexedi 

On MWC 2019, Nexedi will demo a fully free software, open hardware telecommunication stack from end to end consisting:

  1. SlapOS NMS – a network management and edge computing system for LTE/NR
  2. SlapOS EdgeBox – an edge computing enabler for corporate networks and industry 4.0
  3. Lime Microsystems open hardware for software defined radio
  4. e.foundations open source operating system for smartphones

This pitch will show that it is more cost effective and resilient than traditional infrastructure and how it can change the future of telecommunication.


UBBLE – Booth 5B41-24 

Website : – #ubble

Your target is a perfect digital onboarding experience ? Ours too !

For Fintechs, Telecom Operators, Marketplaces, Mobility companies… The perfect digital customer onboarding is the mainroad to business. And customer identification is a key step on the way.
The perfect customer onboarding experience combines : Individualized and frictionless customer flow, automated fraud detection and Native Compliance.

Join us to discuss how trained AI and great API could enable you to onboard customers in minutes !

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