[Review] HubDay Edge Computing for Industry

Publié le 25 juin 2020

The webinar addressing Edge Computing for Industry was really a success event with 80 attendees. Note that this webinar is co-organized by two Hubs in Systematic: Digital Infrastructure & IoT and Digital Engineering.

First, the presidents of the two Hubs briefly presented Systematic activities, the main focus of each Hub: the importance of Edge Computing for Industry and how the Hubs can help to resolve the technical & collaboration & business challenges.

Then, very constructive keynote presented by a telco operator “Orange Labs”. Thanks to the latter, the challenges of large-scale deployment are discussed and also how the current ecosystem can collaborate in order to handle the open issues in terms of API, security, standardization, etc.

Next, the webinar subject has been addressed at the European level by fours Clusters from Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain and Sweden. It is easy to conclude that edge computing is one of highest priority research / innovation / engineering field in Europe and many actions can be initiated.

Finally, two panels ensured by Large Entreprise (Airbus, ATOS, Microsoft) and SME (Green Communication) addressed the requirements and software solutions of Industry 4.0 and how the Edge computing can bring new schemes in order to optimize the quality and competitiveness of our Industry.

Thanks to this webinar, we believe that the ecosystem such as SME and Academic get clear roadmap, also short-term and mid-term challenges and business opportunities.

New event dressing the same topic will be held in conjunction with IdeO workshop on October 6th 2020 in order to facilitate the interaction of the ecosystem and encourage the emergence of new flagship projects.


Session Chair : Nadjib Aitsaadi, Full Professor – UVSQ Paris-Saclay

14:00 – Presentation of “Digital Infrastructure & IoT” Hub

14:10 – Presentation of “Digital Engineering” Hub – Edge Computing for Engineering

14:15 – Keynote: Status on Edge Computing (Download the presentation)

14:35 – Edge Computing: Perspective from European clusters
Animator : Thierry Louvet (Pôle Systematic) – Europe and International Affairs Director

15:15 – Panel 1 “Edge Computing: requirements for industry 4.0”

15:45 – Panel 2 “Solutions”