Outil de Diagnostic Embarqué de Faisceaux AUTomobiles
Embedded systems are equipped with diagnosis functions, but the wired network is not considered. In 2006 the project SEEDS has proven the feasibility of a wire diagnosis system usable in garage for maintenance. The objectives of 0-DEFECT are to study and implement methods adapted to embedded diagnosis. The method provides 10 cm location accuracy for hard defects, but is not compatible with embedded constraints (EMC). New methods will be implemented and prototypes built and tested in a vehicle, proving viability and feasibility for an embedded wire diagnosis system.

A new reflectometry based method compliant with harmlessness and EMC constraints was developed and tested. The MCTDR method generates probe signals from a template of allowed / prohibited frequencies. Programmed on a FPGA board integrated into an electronic control unit, it was tested onboard a vehicle demonstrating zero worsening of the diagnosed functions and showing the feasibility of integration into a real vehicle architecture.
EMC tests have shown that the RF perturbations are compliant with CISPR25 requirements.

Number of scientific articles published: 22

– Recent progress in wiring networks diagnosis for automotive applications, 2011
– Distributed Reflectometry Method for Wire Fault Location using Selective Average,2010
– Inverse Scattering for Soft Fault Diagnosis in Electric Transmission Lines, 2011
– Inverse Scattering Experiments for Electric Cable Soft Fault Diagnosis and Connector Location, 2012

Number of patents filed: 4

Dispositif de réflectométrie multiporteuse pour le diagnostic en ligne d’une ligne de transmission
Dispositif d’estimation de la réponse impulsionnelle d’un réseau de câbles par déconvolution myope
Procédé de détection de défauts d’un réseau par réflectométrie
Method and device for automatically measuring physical characteristics of a cable, in particular the propagation velocity

Number of product’s innovation: 1

Wire diagnosis system, integrated inside an existing ECU, monitoring in real time the state of a set of electrical wires inside a vehicle. The coupling between this diagnosis system and the ECU enables to extend the present embedded diagnosis solution to the complete electrical and electronic architecture (EEA). This will drastically improve the maintenance effectiveness and reduce the intervention time.

Number of product’s innovation service: 1

Embedded wired network diagnosis

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Creation in 2012 of a start-up, called WiNMS (Wire Network Monitoring Systems), aiming at the production and commercialization of wire diagnosis systems for various applications.