Mobilité Multi technologie Multi-homing
The aim of the 3MING project is to develop solutions for multi-homing management that allow the simultaneous use of access technologies, one per interface. It includes concurrent sessions management, opportunistic session redirection, interface selection and load sharing. In addition, this project aims to develop mechanisms for mobility management in a multi-homing context. The current solutions are not able to manage simultaneous access of several radio access technologies. The 3MING project targets to enable seamless mobility and mobility optimization and delivers solutions for security aspects. A demonstration testbed will be built, highlighting the interest of the multi-homing functionalities and validating the choices done.

The 3MING project has studied in depth the multi-homing topic, and the interactions with other topics such as the mobility. DiA as a new algorithm for MADM method, FPS mecha-nism for solving the reordering problem in load sharing, mobility optimizations by using al¬ternative interfaces, new authentication proposals, Mobike-X for use of IPsec in multi-homing/mobility context are ones of the challenges solved in the 3MING project. Five IETF drafts have been submitted.

Number of scientific articles published: 8

– B. Liu, N. Boukhatem, and P. Martins, “New Efficient Cross-layer And Multihoming Mechanisms At Layer-2 For Inter-RAT Handover Between UMTS And WiMAX”, accepted fo publication in Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing (WCMC) Journal, 2010.

– T. Cheneau, A. Boudguiga, M. Laurent, “Significantly Improved performances of the Cryptographically Generated Addresses thanks to ECC and GPGPU”, Journal of Computers & Security, Elsevier, Vol. 29, Issue 4, pp. 419-431,, Dec. 2009.

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– M. A Tran, P.N Tran, and N. Boukhatem, “Strategy game for flow/interface association in multi-homed mobile terminals”, in proceedings of the IEEE International Communications Conference (ICC’10), Cape Town, South Africa, May, 2010.

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