High Performance and High Availability Packet Processing Engine for Multicore Processors Indeed
The 6WINDGate project aims at developing high performance packet processing software to extract the highest level of performance from the new generation of multicore processors. This software improves performance of standard operating system networking stack up to 10x without modifying the interfaces between applications and the operating system.6WINDGate implements layer 2 to layer 4 protocols (routing, security, firewall, QoS, multicast, IPv6, all kinds of encapsulation…) and high availability mechanisms. It has been designed to ensure complete software portability on market-leading multicore processors. 6WINDGate is integrated in equipment (mobile and cloud computing infrastructure, security, DPI, policy enforcement…) that have to process a fast growing amount of data has to be processed at wire speed (several tens of Gbps).

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Business creation (best example): Software licensing with a tier-1 security and cloud computing infrastructure provider.