Alliance des Données Numériques
Simulation has, today, a crucial place throughout the development cycle of a product especially in the preliminary phases of design cycle. The need of structuration, collaboration and coherence of knowledge used in numerical models is essential. It is in this context that ADN project was born. The ADN project will deliver a generic collaboratif software environment as support of a methodology based on a trade knowledge in order to share organised dynamic technical data, between various design models and simulation models of a system.

The ADN project is used to develop new methods and models of knowledge management. It helped highlight the gains made ​​by setting synergy between the various actors in a design project in regards with traditional and sequential methods which are often messy.

The main results for this project are structured around four axes:
· A methodology for knowledge management configurations.
· A meta-model, called KCModel, model of knowledge management, which has been implemented in prototype form.
· The development of connectors “tools – Heart of ADN”.
· Several industrial demonstrators which prove our concept.

Number of scientific articles published: 15

Thesis :
Ingénierie hautement productive et collaborative à base de connaissances métier : vers une méthodologie et un méta-modèle de gestion des connaissances en configurations. BADIN Julien (DPS/UTBM).

Méthodes et outils d’aide à l’extraction des connaissances d’ingénierie en environnement PLM – Application à la ligne d’échappement automobile. LEBOUTEILLER Mathieu (FAURECIA/UTBM).

A meta-model of knowledge integrating maturity to help decision making in engineering design : application of preliminary collaborative design to mechanical systems. DREMONT Nicolas (UTC).

Number of patents filed: 0

Number of product’s innovation: 2

– ADN : after ADN project, 2 new jobs were created to maintain the R&D effort in order to industrialize the demonstrator and transform it into a product.

– MIMe : another project linked to ADN is in construction. This one is supported by the PFA and specifically VALdriv (unifying and structuring program for the automotive industry).

Number of product’s innovation service: 0

Number of projected jobs created: 0

Number of jobs maintained: 8

8 jobs for PSA Peugeot Citroën

Number of related companies creation: 0