Formes d’onde avancées, MAC et allocation dynamique de ressource radio pour les communications directes de terminal à terminal dans les réseaux 5G
ACCENT5 project proposes innovative technological approaches for a smooth integration of D2D communication in future (5G) wireless networks. The proposed solutions allow increased data throughputs and dynamic resource allocation in D2D communications in a relaxed and completely omitted synchronization manner, in order to satisfy the emerging new data service needs in cohabitation with the existing cellular communications in the same frequency bands. The project will study advanced waveforms to provide additional enhancements to Filter bank Multicarrier (FBMC) and OFDM based physical layer performance for D2D. It will define a new MAC layer to include the possibility of D2D communications and considering the characteristics of the waveform defined for D2D transmissions. It will study D2D-related green aspects for 5G systems, including interference reduction and HPA efficiency optimisation. Active participation to standardization bodies (i.e., 3GPP) and publications will guarantee a strong dissemination.