Advanced Cyber Defence Centre
In the ACDC project we bring together a world class of partners from European countries, including public administrations, private sector organizations and academia, in order to achieve a sustainable victory over a powerful cyber threat commonly known as botnet. We integrate the matured knowledge of our consortium into an integrated strategy ranging from adoption to governance, supported by a full service offer for controlling cyber security problems, particularly botnets. The proposed pilot addresses the identification, measurement, and analysis of botnets as well as the prevention, detection, mitigation, recovery, and evaluation of their impact. We present an end-to-end approach from detection to protection, manifested as five powerful services, operated by our member states. Project website :

Improved awareness and understanding of cyber security risks leads to conceiving new techniques and collaborations to address them. Five new powerful services are planned:
– the centralized clearing house, is our single point of contact for data storage and analysis. While offering a liberal input interface, the distribution of gained knowledge is done in a precisely defined data format, which is openly shared
– the support centre, delivers structured information for stakeholders and affected end users. Here, disinfection tools can be downloaded and affected users, including small and medium enterprises, are supported in dealing with their incidents
– focuses on the detection and mitigation of infected websites, while the detection of network anomalies, including possible cloud- or mobile-based botnets, is subject to
– both services are operated in a decentralized and distributed manner in order to achieve a high degree of diversification. Obviously, all data acquired using Service 3 and 4 is sent to the centralized clearing house for further analysis
– aims on the integration of tools for identification and removal of malware (e.g., bots) from end user devices. As the number of web-enabled mobile devices keeps increasing, mobile phones are explicitly addressed

Centralized Clearing House containing tools and data for Web sites analysis, Network Sensors and User Device Detection.