Optimization and robust design are now growing concerns in the industry. For many years, the research has focused on design optimization. Some bricks of software are resulting fruit of this research and are already used in some companies. But today, software solutions, key components in designing products, lack interoperability and integration of these optimization algorithms. Activopt is an opportunity to create and use a community of developers in this field that will propose and implement solutions to federate research. This is done preserving the knowledge and expertise on Paris region while enhancing these skills nationally and internationally.This project is also creating a brick that supports the use of results of projects already funded under the competitiveness cluster SYSTEMATIC, research agencies such as the ANR and association such as TER@TEC.

Number of scientific articles published: 4

– “A deterministic approach using game theory for multi-objective robust optimization , META’10.
– “Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm with Space Partitioning for Many-Objective Optimization”, META’10
– “Optimisation de forme Fluide-Structure par un jeu de Nash” par Badr Abou El Madj, dans la revue “Arima”, Septembre 2010 *
– Les apports du projet Activopt en optimisation multidisciplinaire Armelle Le Gall – Conférence des utilisateurs modeFRONTIER 2010

Number of patents filed: 0

Number of product’s innovation: 3

3 New modeFRONTIER features :

– Scilab application node since version 4.2.0
– Scilab scheduler bridge is avalaible since version 4.3.0 and now fully documented
– Pam Crash node beta is available and under tests

Number of product’s innovation service: 1

Eurodécision developped a topological optimisation algorithm with Scilab and
integrated custom algorithms inside modeFRONTIER from Electre / Alternova thanks to ModeFRONTIER’s scheduler bridge.

Number of projected jobs created: 8

Number of jobs maintained: 2

Number of related companies creation: 0