CAlcul Réparti sur Réseau Internet Optique à CApacité Surmultipliée
CARRIOCAS project studied and deployed an ultra high bit rate optical network (up to 40 Gb/s per channel) able to answer the industrial needs in terms of interactive numerical simulations on remote supercomputers and of processing of huge volumes of distributed data. The investigations encompassed optical components and systems optimised in performance and cost, network and service architecture, protocols and algorithms enabling dynamic provisioning of services fitting application requirements, and solutions for distributed storage of massive volumes of data and for high resolution visualisation. The results have been validated on an experimental test bed interconnecting 4 industrial and academic research centres in Paris region.

CARRIOCAS achieved one of the first worldwide deployment of 40Gb/s prototypes integrated into a commercial transmission platform. Optical components and sub-systems (fibers, integrated receivers and laser-modulators) at the edge of the state of the art have been produced. Advances brought by CARRIOCAS in bundled network/computing/storage service management have been acknowledged by the major international teams working in the domain. CARRIOCAS enhanced the LUSTRE distributed file system to adapt it to servers remotely located. The visualisation system which has been implemented, featuring a 24 Mpixels image wall, is one of the highest resolutions ever achieved for this type of single-screen device.

Number of scientific articles published: 60

Number of patents filed: 1

US 12/007508 Dynamic multi-objective grid resources access

Number of product’s innovation: 6

Alcatel-Lucent 1626 LM optical transmission commercial platform integrates CARRIOCAS 40 Gb/s transceiver design. Draka has transferred into industrialisation the dispersion compensation fibers. III-V lab commercialises high frequency photodiodes and pre-amplifiers. Oxalya commercialises VisuPortal, a portal managing visualisation sessions and Medit commercialises MED-SuMo fragmentor, a tool for drug design. Kylia and III-V lab commercialised 40Gb/s integrated demodulators.

Number of product’s innovation service: 0

Number of projected jobs created: 21

Number of jobs maintained: 0

Number of related companies creation: 1

Inria created a spinoff, Lyatiss, which is largely based on works realised in CARRIOCAS. Since then Lyatiss extended its activitities in US.