CERtification Compositionnelle des Logiciels Embarqués critiques et Sûrs (Compositional Certification of Critical and Safe embedded Software)
The issue addressed by CERCLES2 is the reduction of the time and costs of some activities required for the certification of aeronautics embedded software. The objective of the project is to optimize the development process through a trustful strategy based on the principles of component and contract based approaches and certification credit inheritance. Especially, the project focuses on stronger confidence by formal verification of properties on sets of reused components in a recursive manner ensuring that higher level requirements are met at any level. To this aim, the B formal method will be used as a verification method in combination with the conventional SCADE® & Simulink® development toolsets augmented with contract-based design, in order to ensure that the software under development will meet its specification properties while resulting from the aggregation of specific and pre-developed software components. Formal verification of system properties at software-software integration level is targeted for sequential programs establishing per se the correctness of the composition.

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