COnvergence de la Communauté Libre des Infrastructures Collaboratives Ouvertes
The Coclico project aims at reinforcing software forges communities by structuring an open source ecosystem, which gather a critical amount of stakeholders in France. The dynamics of Forge platforms development is now a key issue in addressing the challenges which businesses/companies are facing as far as collaborative and distributed development is concerned.

– Specification of an open integration mode for services into forges, based on Web standards (RDF, Oauth, Rest, …) validated through contribution to several communities (OSLC/Eclipse Lyo, Forgeplucker, Jenkins)
– Implementation of a Role-base Access Control model into FusionForge and use of Oauth for user identity management
– Specification and implementation into the project forges (Codendi, FusionForge and NovaForge) and Trac of tools to exchange data between forges in real-time : definition of a forge ontology, export/import tools, research/indexation on forges federations
– Integration of industrial tools within forges to improve efficiency and quality of the developments done with the forges : requirements traceability, support of SCRUM methodology, integration of the developper’s environment with the forge.

Number of scientific articles published: 0

Number of patents filed: 0

Number of product’s innovation: 4

Project results have significantly improved all the 3 forges implied by sharing implementations (between Codendi and FusionForge) and common functional specifications, for all of them (eg, in the interoperability domain).

Precisely, the benefits are the following for each of the forges :
thanks to the project, the Codendi forge has been moved from the R&D environment of one partner to be commercially produced and exploited by another partner. Moreover, taking advantage of its Open Source status, an other company has been created to develop business based on it. So, from initially 6 persons working on Codendi, the current staffing is now the double.

The FusionForge community has been greatly increased during the project as stated by the download statistics. The project results have been directly put into production on several user’s forges

NovaForge has been enhanced thanks to the project and is used by the French Service Center of the partner developping it, according to an Onshore model

Number of product’s innovation service: 0

Number of projected jobs created: 9

Number of jobs maintained: 0

About ten persons are needed to operate, support and maintain the forges within the partners and people involved in current services activities for customers, based on these forges, are estimated to another ten.

Number of related companies creation: 0

Best example of business creation is described above, concerning the Codendi forge.