The Collaviz program is an innovative multidomain remote collaborative platform for the simulation-based design applications. In partnership with 28 French and international partners, Collaviz will bring to the scientific and industrial community the opportunity to make remote analysis and collaboration easily available and scalable. Web-based technologies, on the top of shared high-performance computing and visualization centers, will permit researchers and engineers handling very large data sets, including 3D data models, by using a single workstation, wherever in the world. Just a “standard” internet connexion will be needed. Collaviz will propose a smart solution to break the bottlenecks of data volume production and processing that the industry will quickly face.

There were 2 different phases into the Collaviz project. During the first 24 months, workgroups defined the framework architecture specifications and developed 2 prototypes for it. The next 12 months corresponded to the second phase: demonstrators set up as a proof of concept. The last 6 months of the project being mainly used for promotion purposes.


– Provides applications designed for habits of very different communities (geophysics, fluid dynamics, structure, biochemical, drug design…).
– Uses mainstream technologies for the service access (low bandwidth internet access, standard hardware for visualization…).
– Delivers interactive and participative collaboration, not only remote “shared display” visualization.

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