CompatibleOne is the world’s first open source Cloud Services Brokerage platform. The CompatibleOne project is operating at a global level to support federation-happy cloud providers as well as developers, managed service providers and IT departments wanting to juggle their loads across disparate cloud environments. CompatibleOne provides seamless management of multiple cloud environments including Amazon, Azure, CloudSigma, Dimension Data, Joyent, Go Grid, HPCloud, RackSpace, OnApp, Softlayer and VMware vCloud and PaaS providers including CloudFoundry and OpenShift, as well as the instruments to control the behavior and performance of the various workloads deployed. The CompatibleOne technology received an early validation with the recent announcement of the partnership with CloudSigma.

CompatibleOne is a new-generation cloud resource management and automatic provisioning software environment powered by service brokering capabilities. CompatibleOne enables the seamless federation of heterogeneous resources across different Cloud Service Providers. Using CompatibleOne, developers and users can combine a range of services available from different suppliers to address their most stringent requirements. CompatibleOne supports all kinds of resources, not just infrastructure ones, any resource which can be invoked as a service. CompatibleOne helps developers and users alike avoid vendor lock-in enforce SLAs . CompatibleOne is an open source project based on open standards, notably OCCI.

Number of scientific articles published: 4

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CompatibleOne SAS is a professional Open Source Company which has been launched in February at Cloud Expo Europe 2014 and which aims at making the CompatibleOne open source project sustainable.