The ecological desktop
Optimal energy use is one of the key achievements we must all reach in the coming years. We intend to improve the energy use of computers by optimizing the time during which they are switched on. For existing desktop computers studies show that the possible economy is around 35€/year. Deskolo will provide an infrastructure to: - Gather the presence or absence of users - Suspend and resume a computer execution - Measure the energy used and provide hints on possible economies - Provide a central web sites for gathering statistics for all users allowing to compare energy used to similar sites / organisation

The results of the project are :

– a Benchmark tool that allows to measure the electric consumption of a desktop
– a modelization tool that allows to calculate a fine estimate of the electric consumption according to the main indicators of activity (CPU and RAM charge) of a desktop
– a DESKOLO server that allows to collect the energy information of the computer equipment of a Company or Local Authority, and to launch the wake up of the desktops
– a DESKOLO agent (installes on the desktops or laptops) that allows to collect the activity information, to send it to the DESKOLO server, to shut down the equipment at a planned hour. This agent also allows to encourage ecological behavior for the users.

Number of scientific articles published: 5

– Communication with the Committe of sustainable Real Estate of the Defense user association – 29/09/2009
– Communication in a conference at Linux Solutions 2011 (” Deskolo – Mesure et contrôle du bilan carbone d’un parc de machines”)
– Presentations on the Mandriva stand at Linux Solutions – 2010, 2011, and on the Mandriva stand at the show for City Halls and Local authorities – 2012
– Blog edited on the DESKOLO Web site :
– Presentation at the RFIA conference (january 2012) : .

Number of patents filed: 0

Number of product’s innovation: 2

– New version of Pulse (Mandriva solution) including the management of the ecological imprint of the desktops.
– New version of the Mandriva distribution : OpenMandriva, which includes the functionnalities of the Deskolo agent

Number of product’s innovation service: 0

Number of projected jobs created: 0

Number of jobs maintained: 2

Number of related companies creation: 0