Environment Modeling for Perceptive Intelligent Vehicles
The E'MOTIVE project answers to the technical and cost challenges of the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) with a "multi-sensor and environment simulation system". The solutions developed within the project allow the integrated and accurate virtualization of sensor technologies (GPS, IR, RADAR, TV, LIDAR…), vehicle system (driving dynamics, sensors, commands…), vehicle environment, ADAS logic, and the integration of test and tuning dedicated tools. These solutions relies on multiples seamless interfaced software applications with integration capabilities in standard engineering environments.

The progress beyond the state of the art is to provide an accurate ADAS simulation and testing platform integrating simultaneously the sensors simulations, the vehicle simulation, the environment simulation, and the tools and processes supporting the testing and tuning of the ADAS system.

Number of scientific articles published: 5

TS2012, EWGT 2011, DSC 2010, DSC 2009

Number of patents filed: 1


Number of product’s innovation: 4

The main product outcome is the ADAS simulation and test platform, (integrating the SIVIC, AMESim, SCANNER, and RTMAPS solutions), the associted dedicated interfaces (will become commercial products), IDEEP. Some of these outcome are planned to be exploted with french OEMs.

– Couplage RTMAPS-SIMULINK (Intempora)
– Couplage RTMAPS-PROSIVIC(Intempora)
– I-DEEP(Intempora)

Number of product’s innovation service: 1

The main service outcome are the development of ADAS simulation related service for development support.

Number of projected jobs created: 8

Number of jobs maintained: 0

Number of related companies creation: 1

Creation of the CIVITEC company