Environnements de Développement Ouverts aux Normes de l'Automobile
- Build a common repository for consistent positioning and usage of software tools - Build an interoperability platform for tool exchange and seamless operation over the development cycle - Build solutions for dependability and real-time on the basis of both innovative and current technology: - Specification and requirements traceability - Functional and temporal validation - Design of real-time and deterministic solutions - HMI design and validation under safety constraints

The Edona integration platform has been developed, validated, and made available to the
– The Eclipse part is available to members though an update site.
– The Autosar-related part of has been transferred to and will be directly maintained by the Artop User Group.
– Other parts as well as components produced by vertical workpackages have been brought close to production quality, ready for integration in commercial products via transfer contracts from CEA and to the Listerel consortium.

Number of scientific articles published: 0

– F. Ougier, F. Terrrier, EDONA: an Open Integration Platform for Automotive Systems Development Tools, ERTS 2008, 29/01/2008
– S . Boisgérault, M.O. Abdallah, JM. Temmos, SVG for automotive user interfaces, SVGOpen 2008, 26/08/2008
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Number of patents filed: 0

Number of product’s innovation: 4

– OBEO product
– GEENSOFT product
– Esterel Technologies product
– Knowledge Inside product

Number of product’s innovation service: 1

Number of projected jobs created: 37

Number of jobs maintained: 0

Number of related companies creation: 1

– Some componants have already been incorporated into commercial offers from Edona members. This is the case for
– Artop support from Geensys (support Artop)
– 3 new components from Obeo
– Enrichment to the PhiSim product line by Sherpa
– Scade Display improvements and , PapyrusMDT-SysML offer from Esterel