Experimentation of a simulation infrastructure involving all actors of the mechatronic design chain
Experimentation of a collaborative design methodology involving ALL players of the supply chain using existing simulation software solutions from the software vendors and accessing to the overall expertise, human resources, hardware and software to optimize the collaborative design process Targeted Goals : - Undertaking current unachievable technical challenges in the automotive mechatronic design process; Innovation in the design process and achievement of the real results so far unreachable with existing non-collaborative design process. - Elaborate a new collaborative design process method - Identify requirements and needs involving simulation tools for the upcoming collaborative design process - Expose automotive market to the SMEs automotive supply chain and simulation software providers

– The growth of the SMEs is conditional to new industrial needs and demand.

– Facilitating the collaboration between laboratories and industrial companies.

– Unique tools and means to increase the reliability and quality of the automotive elec-tronic and mechatronic parts, that play a major role for innovation.

– Stimulus for researchers.

– The competitiveness and attractiveness of the industrial players.

– The opportunity possibility is available to contribute the emergence of a world Excellency Center in Mechatronics – VEDECOM – and this allows the authority significant means for designing and simulating the innovative automotive mechatronic parts.

Number of scientific articles published: 0

Number of patents filed: 0

Number of product’s innovation: 1

– The world first ever experimental car realization

– The operational and implemented tools and methodology for several product development project by VALEO

– These tools and methodology are avai¬lable to SMEs.

– Significant progress on the security and encryption process.

– An actual need is inexistent today. The related partners (particularly SMEs) gains knowledgesable, skills and competencies and competent.

Number of product’s innovation service: 1

Number of projected jobs created: 3

Number of jobs maintained: 0

Number of related companies creation: 0