Federation of Circles of Trust and Secure Usage of Digital Identities
The main purpose of the FC² project is to drive innovation in user-centric identity management through a cross sector vision. This resulted in two major types of objectives: - R&D objectives: - Develop and validate a comprehensive and INTEROPERABLE set of architecture and software components, allowing new SECURE digital online services based on enhanced USER-CENTRIC identity management. - Implementations objectives: - Propose and develop prototype experiments to evaluate the resulting BENEFITS for all players in the ecosystem. - Investigate innovative governance and business models for a new TRUST framework incorporating privacy-enabled Identity Federation and allowing the seamless interconnection of Circles of Trust (CoT.

The project has delivered an innovative e-identity management infrastructure able to:

– guarantee the confidentiality of e-transactions based on federated identity

– support the full dematerialization of electronic services, including digital signature mechanisms

– support advanced authentication mechanisms, including delegation accros Circles of Trust

– allow the end user a complete control of its personal data in a distributed context

– ensure a high-level of protection against all types of Identity frauds

– guarantee a high-level of user friendliness for service access

– ensure minimal operation costs for Service Providers and Operators

– guarantee a technical neutrality versus Identity management standards (Cardspace, Liberty Alliance,

Number of scientific articles published: 2

Number of patents filed: 0

Number of product’s innovation: 30

About 30 innovative SW products have been commercialized by the project partners.

Gemalto, CEV-Group and Xiring have also put on the market some of the HW products developed or enhanced in the scope of the project. (e-ID cards based on IAS -worldwise basis- for Gemalto, City Cards for CEV, readers for Xiring-now part of Ingenico)

Number of product’s innovation service: 0

Number of projected jobs created: 55

Une dizaine d’emplois supplémentaires en plus des 45 créés

Number of jobs maintained: 0

Number of related companies creation: 0