High-Integrity Model Compile
The Hi-MoCo project (High-Integrity Model Compilers) aims at developping and making fit for industrial use an open-source and qualifiable code generator for heterogenous models like Simulink, Scicos, and UML. The application domain involves high-integrity, safety-critical embedded applications such as those found in the avionics, space and automotive industries. Hi-MoCo plans at adressing practical industrial needs that are not currently adressed by the market: - The need for a generic and reusable code generation technology; - The need for qualification material; - The need to integrate UML within the Hi-MoCo code generation technology.

Number of scientific articles published: 4

– Matteo Bordin – “The Economics of Tool Qualification”, invited keynote speech at the 2nd Tool Qualification Symposium, Munich, 2014
– Bordin, M. et al. – “System to Software Integrity: A Case Study”, ERTS 2014
– Dieumegard, A. et al. – ” Formal specification of block libraries in
dataflow languages”, ErtS 2014
– Bordin, M. et al. – “Compilation of Heterogeneous Models: Motivations and Challenges”, ERTS 2012

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Number of product’s innovation: 1

GNAT Pro Code Generator for Simulink (to be commercialized starting Spring 2015, no turnover yet)

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R&D Product manager

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