Infrastructures and Software Tools for Simulation
The 1st target of IOLS was the design and the development of generic software and platforms for products and process global design and optimisation (coupling, large scale meshes, visualisation, ...). The 2nd goal was the development of methodologies for multiscale simulations and multi-disciplinary optimisation. Demonstrators were essentially focused on industrial computer-aided solutions for materials applications: aging, multi-materials assemblies, new advanced materials for optics. IOLS was also the first project to deal with Simulation Lifecycle Management and CAD-CAE links applied to crashworthiness analysis.

IOLS partnership brought a great deal of value to the HPC users in terms of offering them platforms and tools to develop with expert assistance and for smaller companies to get their first taste of HPC for their applications.

Number of scientific articles published: 2

– J. DUYSENS, “IOLS: A French Initiative for Developing Platforms and Software dedicated to High Performance Multiphysics and Multiscale Global Design Optimisation”, 7th World Congress on Computational Mechanics, July 16-22, 2006, Los Angeles, CA, USA.
– J DUYSENS, S LANGLOIS, M NAKHLE, “High Performance Computing Approach for Advanced Polymer Injection moulding Simulation”, 9th US National Congress on Computational Mechanics, July 22-26, 2007, San Francisco, CA, USA.

Number of patents filed: 0

Number of product’s innovation: 4

Platform and tools:

– Integration/Coupling of new “black box software tools” (CNES);
– New coupling tool integration (applications for CEA, EDF);
– Large-scale data visualization (filtering/decimation);
– Meshing tools; Commercial tools (ESI Group, SAMTECH…).

Number of product’s innovation service: 3

– Crashworthiness analysis of multi-materials assemblies;
– Injection component optimisation (plasturgie);
– Optics properties (Periodical structured materials design).

Number of projected jobs created: 0

Number of jobs maintained: 30

Number of related companies creation: 1

Industrial deployment of Simulation Lifecycle Management technology; new business for commercial software (crashworthiness and welding process fields).