Multimedia services to know more
Mediatic carries out new services to interactively enrich in real time multimedia contents and to combine broadcast contents with VoD and Audio on Demand services. Mediatic will create and propose a selection of relevant additional contents taking into account the choices and preferences of users to enrich the broadcasted contents. The project has developed real-time indexation of multimedia contents and related ontology, real-time association between contents and services and personalized added-value services. It will create new opportunities for existing actors, content providers and service providers and will make emerge new actors.

The project has developed several software tools for analyzing metadata from the Electronic Program Guide and from transcripts of the speech.
The textual analysis system allows the building of a relevant mapping between streamed contents and documents.

A search engine based on MPEG-7 has been developed. This engine provides also visualization capabilities, navigation and interaction features.
New algorithms were developed to build a personalization engine managing the user profiles and recommendations of multimedia content.

A new technology using an adaptive notification engine has been implemented. This technology can warn users of interesting events on their preferred medium (SMS, set top box, …).

Number of scientific articles published: 9

Number of patents filed: 0

Number of product’s innovation: 1

“Provisioning tool”, developed by Bull and Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs France, is a scheduler performing following tasks: content provider identification, check validity of provisioning, establishing contacts with the content provider and the content management and notification of new content to generate associated meta-data.

Number of product’s innovation service: 3

(radio broadcast, TV broadcast/IP, mobile telecom)

Number of projected jobs created: 0

Number of jobs maintained: 0

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