MIxed ELement - 3D Mesher
The main goal of the MIEL project (MIxed ELement - 3D Mesher) is to optimize the meshing activity prior to a numerical simulation by addressing two main challenges: technical (simulation requires robust, high quality and fast meshing technology) and strategic (since meshing is cost effective in human resources, it often takes place in low cost structures). MIEL will give powerful tools for meshing and modelisation in a pragmatic frame with a reasonnable ambition. These tools aim at being used by commercial software as well as open source environments.

The three phases described hereafter will end with tools allowing concepts verification.

The final goal is to provide engineers with an open strategy to mesh a volume structure, using either tetrahedra or hexahedra, or a mixture of both. The quality of the mesh (element shapes, number of elements) must be the only criterion; so that engineers can concentrate on the sole physical side of the simulation. Finally tools will be implemented in SAMCEF in order to be validated.

Number of scientific articles published: 6

– DGTD method on hybrid meshes for time domain electromagnetics In: 20th International Symposium on Electromagnetic Theory, Berlin, Germany, August 2010

– Convergence and stability analysis of a discontinuous Galerkin time-domain method for solving Maxwell’s equations on hybrid meshes In: European Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications (ENUMATH), Leicester, UK, September 2011

– Non-conforming discontinuous Galerkin time-domain method for solving Maxwell’s equations on hybrid meshes In: 5th International Conference on Advanced COmputational Methods in ENgineering (ACOMEN 2011), Li_ege, Belgium, November 2011

– High order non-conforming multi-element discontinuous Galerkin method for time-domain electromagnetics International Conference on Electromagnetics in Advanced Applications (ICEAA’12), Cape Town, South Africa, September 2012

Number of patents filed: 0

Number of product’s innovation: 1

It is now possible to have an industrial tool fast and robust which can mesh automatically industrials parts with diverse and complex geometrie. Several automatic mesh genartors are available via SAMCEF Field. Concerning economic impact, enginieering offices have at their disposal tools allowing them a significant reduction in the time grid while improving the accuracy in their calculations

Number of product’s innovation service: 0

Number of projected jobs created: 1

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