Méthodologie Unifiée pour la Simulation de l’Intégrité et de la Contrôlabilité des Assemblages Soudés
The main goal of MUSICAS is to demonstrate that the rational integration of existing software in a business infrastructure, complemented by a limited multiphysics modelling R&D of the welding process, can consider automating processes corresponding to the effective methodologies in the industry. The project's objective is to achieve and qualify a precompetitive demonstrator of a consistent and scalable solution including: - complete modelling chain from process parameters (from the soldering bath to the assemblies), - prototyping of associated services: methodological guides, best practice and operating in the HPC cloud, - characterization criteria for commercial deployment in a service, exploitable in the design, sizing and R&D, from the detailed analysis to the modelling process as a whole and the behaviour of the resulting assemblies.

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