Distributed transactional object database for large data storage and proof of associated peer-to-peer protocol
The NEOPPOD project is a major advance for Open source Cloud Computing and Total Information Outsoucing (TIO). The goal of the project is to provide a formal proof and an experimental proof of the NEO protocol. The NEO protocol is a fully distributed and transactional protocol designed persistent object storage on a Cloud Computing infrastructure. It can be used to build very large scale object databases. The NEOPOD project is expecting applications in the area of financial applications, banking applications and document archival. It is fully open source.

NEO is one of the very few if not the only NoSQL database which provides
data distribution, redundancy and transactions. With NEOPPOD, NEO protocol
has gone through a thorough Petri-net based model checking process
lead by Paris University researchers and is now ready for early industrial

Number of scientific articles published: 0

– Verification of large-scale distributed database systems in the NEOPPOD project.
In Workshop on Petri Nets and Software Engineering (PNSE’09, associated with
Petri Nets 2009) – poster paper, pages 315–316, 2009
– DZUG 2010 presentation
– Official website

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Number of product’s innovation: 2

Thanks to NEOPPOD project, ERP5 will be able to sustain very high loads such as those found in a global banking or in a payment system. This opens new markets for Nexedi, such as tolling systems.

Thanks to NEOPPOD, Nexedi is now able to deploy ERP5 in different projects of SANEF group.

Thanks to NEOPPOD, ERP5 can be used for SlapOS decentralized cloud operating system.

Nexedi hopes to create 20 new jobs in the next 5 years thanks to NEOPPOD and increase its annual turnover by 1 MEUR.

Number of product’s innovation service: 1

Number of projected jobs created: 20

Number of jobs maintained: 2

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– VIFIB, a subsidiary of Nexedi (300 KEUR capital investment), relies on SlapOS to offer decentralized Cloud Computing. NEO is used to cache files which are distributed worldwide and to provide fault-tolerance to SlapOS.
– The billing engine of SlapOS is used by the COMPATIBLE ONE (FUI) project and relies on NEO for its scalability. In the RESILIENCE projet (FUI), NEO is used to provide high performance database to SlapOS Master.