Outils de Modélisation et de conception Mécatronique Phase 1 (Modelling and Design Tools for Mechatronics)
O2M develops a new generation of tools to support the conception of mechatronical products, especially for automotive applications. All process levels are addressed: "pre-dimensioning", integrated design, multi-physic simulation and design validation. During the phase 1, business needs (170 use cases) and functional specifications have been defined. After feasibility studies, this phase will be closed by the presentation of mocks-up by the end of July 2009. The phase 2 (O2M P2) has been focused on detailed specifications and the progressive delivery of the Solution.

Number of scientific articles published: 2

Number of patents filed: 0

Number of product’s innovation: 8

– 3 releases by DS
– 2 versions by CEDRAT: logiciel INCA3D + Portunus
– Material database for mechatronics (CNE-UVSQ),
– Evolution of Odyssée by CADLM, Optimisation of Radioss by ALTAIR

Number of product’s innovation service: 0

Number of projected jobs created: 49

49 CDI (*) Emplois directs, ne tient pas compte des effets liés à la croissance des entreprises générée par la mécatronique (chez DS ou Valeo par exemple, ce qui pourrait représenter plusieurs centaines d’emplois).

Number of jobs maintained: 0

Number of related companies creation: 0

– Challenges for Automotive Industry:

– Increase by 30% to 50% the efficiency of our designers.
– Improve the quality of the complex products by a factor 5 to 10.
– Speed up the process of design and simulation to promot faster innovations.
– Allow our engineers to focus on tasks with high added value.

– Challenges for Software Editors

– Take position as a leader on a market which presents a potential of 20 billions
Euros within next 10 years.

– Regional and National stakes:

– Contribute to set up a pole of excellence on Mechatronics within the Region.
– Create a know-How reusable in other sectors of the industry