Réseau virtuel et à la demande
The OnDemand Network project aims at providing physical elements type routers and software elements associated to particular security, QoS and optimization of energy management system. The proposed virtual network represents provide end-to-end security with the capacity to manage different type of networks under the same network equipments. This concist an emerging needs for the Cloud network with the necessity to go from "OnDemand Cloud services" to "OnDemand cloud networks" .

The project has provided a new secure architecture completly independant of any network layer systems. the proposed ONEMAND secure network can be used for cloud secure end to end architecture & for Adhoc networks

Number of scientific articles published: 9

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Number of patents filed: 1

1 Patent under submission

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INEO.ONDEMAND: Secure Cloud access control system

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Number of jobs maintained: 9

9 engineers worked on this project wil continue now in the three SME

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