Think to PaaS for multi-IaaS Cloud Computing
The OpenCloudware project aims at building an open software engineering platform, for the collaborative development of distributed applications to be deployed on multiple Cloud infrastructures. It will be available through a self-service portal. We target virtualized multi-tier applications such as JavaEE - OSGi. The results of OpenCloudware will contain a set of software components to manage the lifecycle of such applications, from modelling (Think), developing and building images (Build), to a multi-IaaS compliant PaaS platform (Run) for their deployment, orchestration, performance testing, self-management (elasticity, green IT optimisation) and provisioning. Applications will be deployed potentially on multi IaaS (supporting either one IaaS at a time, or hybrid scenarios). The results of the project will be made available as open source components through the OW2 Open Source Cloudware initiative.

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